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The Bitterness Of The SMSM…..

The Bitterness Of The SMSM…..

Celtic take on Motherwell this afternoon at Celtic Park for the third time in seven days. Our two previous encounters have resulted in the Hoops winning the BetFred Cup by two goals to nil last Sunday, and the teams sharing the points in a 1-1 draw at Fir Park last Wednesday.

During both games Celtic were awarded a penalty, legitimately I might add, but in doing so, the referees concernred Craig Thomson and Willie Collum have been on the receiving end of the bitter SMSM’s wrath. As have Scott SInclair and Callum McGregor for having the audacity to go down when fouled.

In their haste to condemn the Champions, many hacks and radio pundits. have had to backtrack from their default position of having a kick at our club. TV evidence has shown, in BOTH cases, the referees made the RIGHT decision.

Unlike a forthnight ago when the referee Nicky Walsh made the WRONG decision at Dingwall and refused to give Celtic a penalty against Ross County, after Callum McGregor had his feet whipped away from him, as he was about to shoot.

Or when Scott Sinclair did stay on his feet against Hibs after Efe Ambrose manhandled him in the box as he was about to shoot. The referee that day, Willie Collum, got it WRONG, but very little was said by the SMSM.

What this last week really shows is how desperate the SMSM are for someone, anyone, to beat Celtic and halt our amazing record breaking run of 66 domestic games undefeated.

And they couldn’t care how it’s done. One pundit/hack Mark Guidi was quite happy to tell us ‘smashing’ Celtic players was quite acceptable, ‘if that’s what it takes’ to get the right result.

He must have been delighted with Motherwell’s tactics over the last two games then, because that’s exactly what they have tried to do to Brendan Rodgers’ men.

I think we’ll all be glad to see the back of Motherwell after today, a club that’s over the last week proved to be a greeting faced set of liars who will resort to anything to tarnish the great name of our club.

Much to the delight of the bitter SMSM…


Sevco Have Serious Challengers For Joke Club Title….

Sevco Have Serious Challengers For Joke Club Title….

For the last five years, in fact, since their inception, Sevco have without doubt been the undisputed champions of ridicule!

Week after week, either the club or the Gullibears come up with something that gives not only us Celtic fans but the rest of Scottish football a good laugh. They are masters, excuse the pun, of comedy. A tribute act in name and in nature.

However, their antics have upset a few people, especially around the Motherwell area. And these people want to mount a serious challenge to Sevco for their comedy title.

With former SMSM/STV and Sevco shareholder Grant Russell as head of communications, they plan from Fir Park seems to be, let’s emulate the Ibrox club with a statement that will make them sit up and take notice. Until now, no one could come close to the new club when it came to ridiculous statements!

But Motherwell have put themselves firmly in the frame. In a James Traynor like style….

In a nutshell, their statement last night told us they were going to write to the SFA, regarding Celtic being awarded two penalties in successive matches, is the stuff of Monty Python. Their manager had already embarrassed himself at the weekend ranting about a penalty, then failed to follow his claims through with an appeal.

They then went on a rant about the behaviour of Celtic fans who allegedly broke 206 seats and graffitied the Fir Park concourse and toilets.

To sum up this comedy piece, they then had a go at Scott Brown about mentioning the fact the Celtic players were subject to missiles being thrown at them during the game.

In their selective hearing, the so called ‘family club’ didn’t mention the racist abuse Scott Sinclair endured, the aforementioned missiles from the Motherwell side of the ground, or the anti-Catholic and paedophile songs.

The stewards and police at that side of the ground did absolutely nothing to either apprehend the culprits, or stop them throwing the missiles. They were totally hopeless. Uninterested.

As for the allegation towards the Celtic support, I’ve yet to see any evidence, and can categorically say as someone who was at the game, I never saw ANY destruction whatsoever. Not a thing.

As Brendan says, Motherwell seem to be angry at a lot of things these days…..




Motormouth Robinson Fails Again As Motherwell Kick Celtic Off The Park…

Motormouth Robinson Fails Again As Motherwell Kick Celtic Off The Park…

The Motherwell manager said before last night’s game at Fir Park, stopping Celtic’s unbeaten run would be better than winning the BetFred Cup.

Quite a statement. And a feeling he’ll never know. Although in his desperation to inflict damage on the InVIncibles, he sent out his team to play in the long traditional manner of past Motherwell teams, all the way back to the stalwarts Tam Forsyth, Gregor Stevens Willie McVie and Stuart McLaren. (you’ll note two of those four went on to play for old Rangers, so you don’t have to guess what kind of players they were!)

His team talk would have consited mainly of ‘if it’s green and white, kick it! Because from the first minute to the last that’s exactly what his team did. Their performance reminded me of the old days when anything goes.

Now I’m not saying they should stand off us and allow us to play, far from it, every team has the right to play their own game, albeit, within the rules. But Motherwell, and their mouthy manager like to play on this ‘physical’ aspect, where actually playing football becomes secondary.

Had it not been for the leniency of referee Willie Collum, they would never have finished the game with all eleven men, just like Sunday. His refusal to stamp out the thuggery of the home side in the first half, allowed the ‘Well players to have a free for all at Celtic.

While the SMSM lament the fact the Champions have been awarded two penalties in successive games against the Fir Park side, last night’s being the first league penalty of this season, they are missing the big picture in their attempt to diminish Brendan Rodgers players’ achievements.

Stopping the Bhoys unbeaten run has to be done in their eyes. And it doesn’t matter how. If it means kicking Celtic off the park to do so, then fine. They’re all sitting on copy ready to go for the ‘tactical genius’ who stopped the InVIncibles.

Pity Steve Robinson’s name won’t be in it…..

Motherwell Manager Losing The Plot…

Motherwell Manager Losing The Plot…

It’s understandable for the losing manager in any Cup Final to be disappointed. And Motherwell’s Stephen Robinson is no different. His side were beaten by a better side at Hampden on Sunday, and to comfort the Northern Irishman, the referee awarded Celtic a penalty he thought was highly contentious.

Still in an state of confusion and maybe anger, Robinson was adamant after the game there should have been no penalty, in fact claimed Scott Sinclair went down easily. Unlike his assistant’s wife, Jayne Lasley, who took to Twitter to tell the world ‘Celtic are cheats.’ (no guessing who wears the trousers in that house)

His view has of the incident has since changed, hiding behind the ‘wee wouldn’t win anyway’, Robinson has decided NOT to appeal the decision. Maybe he’s had enough of making an arse of himself, or maybe not….

This morning the Motherwell manager has claimed winning against Celtic tonight at Fir Park and ending the InVIncibles run of 65 domestic matches unbeaten would be BETTER than winning the BetFred Cup on Sunday!

There ye go, how’s that for motivation….

I’d advise any Celtic supporter heading to Fir Park tonight not to drink any water at the ground, as there’s clearly something in it that make you delirious. It’s not a new thing either, last season Mark McGhee regularly behaved like a madman while in charge of the Steelmen. Claiming not to know people he’d written about in the match programme for example…

So Bhoys & Ghirls, don’t take any chances…


Unfortunately for Robinson, he’s taking things just little

Craig Gordon Following In John Fallon’s Footsteps…

Craig Gordon Following In John Fallon’s Footsteps…

Craig Gordon equalled a record standing nearly fifty years when he kept goal for a winning Celtic in Sunday’s BetFred Cup Final against Motherwell.

The big stopper, who’s wonder save from Louis Moult at 1-0, won his fourth consecutive medal, a feat last achieved by the Original Holy Goalie himself, John Fallon.

Like Gordon, Fallon had two League Cup medals, a Scottish Cup medal and a League badge in his locker when he played in the 1968/69 -1969/70 seasons.

John played in the 1969 Scottish Cup Final, a 4-0 thrashing of Rangers, most notable for the third goal when a young George Connelly waltzed round the Rangers keeper after intercepting a John Greig pass at the edge of his box.

His two League Cup medals came courtesy of a 6-2 thrashing of Hibs and a narrow 1-0 win over St Johnstone.

Craig to his credit has not only repeated the feat, but has also an enviable record of keeping a clean sheet in each of his last three League Cup Finals, against Dundee United, Aberdeen and now Motherwell.

He has also played a massive part in our 65 game unbeaten run, something a lot of the support should remember when they get on his back….