What used to be one of the biggest clubs Scottish Football, and the governing body have been dragged through the courts this last month.

Charges were brought against former Rangers (IL) owner Craig Whyte, accusing him of fraudulently gaining ownership of the now deceased club. Thanks to the ‘Billy Liars’, witnesses for the prosecution, Whyte was cleared by a 15 man jury at Glasgow’s High Court yesterday.

However, the evidence given, when they could remember, by Messrs Murray, McGill, McCoist et al, has given rise to more questions than answers, particularly in reference to ‘who knew what and when’ about the WTC (wee tax case).

Dates given about when the tax bill contradict previous versions, made available to the SFA, who should have done a lot more due diligence than just accept the word of a Rangers (IL) employee.

The case also threw up many other contradictions, and put the integrity of every witness on the line, including a reference to incoming Sevco board member Alistair Johnson, who was chairman at the time of the bill. His actions were described by one witness as ‘probably illegal’ when he raised CEO Martin Bain’s salary and notice without the knowledge of his fellow board members.

Now, WE all know this was disclosed in a court of law, and so do the SMSM.

As much as we will keep the pressure on those who are corrupting our game, surely the SMSM have a right to do the same? They have a duty to protect the game that gives them such a comfortable living. They can no longer turn a blind eye, like they have done for so long.

They must, on behalf of EVERY football supporter, including the Gullibears, demand answers. Now is the time to clean our game up once and for all.

Or will they follow orders and be as complicit as ever?

I know what my money’s on….