Calling the Daily Record a newspaper, of any sorts, is somewhat pushing the bounds of reality, something the many hacks who take a salary from the Mirror Group publication are strangers to.

For years now, the ‘tabloid’ have somehow managed to survive as a business by printing twisted stories that bare very little resemblance to the truth. And despite the impending demise of their enterprise, the need to sensationalise without any consideration of credibility continues.

Point in case, yesterday Dermot Desmond gave an interview saying Celtic didn’t need to, and are under no pressure to sell any of our players, but admits players do come and go, especially where bigger salaries are involved.

He didn’t name any players.

Their headline, ‘Celtic supremo Dermot Desmond admits some of his champions Treble winning will leave this summer’ is followed by naming Moussa Dembele and Stuart Armstrong linked with moves.

Contrast that with the Celtic Quick News headline, ‘Rodgers under no pressure to sell’ from the exact same interview and you’ll soon see who has an agenda to portray anything our club does in a negative light.

When their so called journalist of the year, Keith Jackson, tells us the story’s credibility is second only to ‘what sells‘, then we all know to give the publication a miss.

*A new tactic of the tabloids is to put up a story online without accrediting a journalist to the story. Online reporter or some other lame excuse of a credit..