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Celtic Man Sam Shuts Smug Gray Up!

I don’t know a lot about golf, never have never will, but I do know who Sam Torrance is, and I do know he was supposed to be a very good golfer.

So when he ‘appeared’ or ‘guested’ to be more accurate, on Keys and Gray on Talksport at lunchtime I listened in but not intently.

That was until one of the presenters Smug (Andy Gray) asked Sam who his football team was. The way he asked Torrance it was as if he already ‘knew’ what the answer would be.

Unfortunately for the dumb Gray his researcher didn’t do their homework, and when Sam emphatically replied CELTIC you could almost hear the shcck inn bluenose Gray’s voice when he blurted out “What?”

It was absolutely classic.

A typical thick H*n made look stupid, which is a dawdle for poor Andy.

Although the rest of the ‘interview’ was filled with good banter you could tell the former Sky presenter (before his sexist remarks) was taken aback. Even his sidekick Dick Keys couldn’t help him out.

And just like you could tell Sam was a Celtic man, articulate, a gent and a great sport,  you could also tell that Andy Gray is NONE of the above!


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 Posted on : January 24, 2012 - Last updated on Jan 24, 2012