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“This Celtic football club is much more than a football club to a lot of people its a way of life.”

Robert Kelly (ex-Celtic Chairman)

Why Aren’t The SMSM Demanding Answers?

What used to be one of the biggest clubs Scottish Football, and the governing body have been dragged through the courts this last month. Charges were brought against former Rangers (IL) owner Craig Whyte, accusing him of fraudulently gaining ownership of the now...

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Is Hypocrite SFA Chief Regan Under Orders?

SFA Chief Executive, Stewart Regan is either being worked by someone, or he's a complete idiot with no respect for the law in this country, or any other for that matter. We haven't heard a peep from him for weeks, maybe months, but when a Scottish court of law finds...

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“What these players have to realise, is that when you put on the Celtic jersey you’re not playing for a football team, you’re playing for a community and a cause.”

Tommy Burns (The Bhoy Who Got Lucky!)