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Sevco Latest: DOF (Director of Fun) No Longer Needed!

Sevco Latest: DOF (Director of Fun) No Longer Needed!

So it was all a sham. In an effort to buy themselves time, the Sevco board came up with this story they were going to appoint a Director of Football with a manager reporting to him.

At the same time forgetting the cash-strapped club would be replacing one unaffordable wage, with two!

From the minute they realised they couldn’t meet the wages of the Ibrox Three, (Warburton, Weir and McFarlane), operation buy some time came into force, courtesy of the PR gurus at Level 5. This started with the demonising of the three former employees, by putting out false stories regarding their resignation status.

A blind man could see what was happening.

At this point, Stewart Robertson, redient gaffer in the absence of the Lying King, decided to feed the Berz with an ‘all new footballing strategy’ of employing a DOF. Knowing such an appointment was never likely to materialise, the SMSM, as obedient as ever, began singing the virtues of the structure, forgetting the old club used it before when Gordon ‘I’m brilliant’ Smith was there.

And today, almost according to a script, the Sevco board announce the DOF will be ‘a long-term strategy’.

To sum up the situation at the basket case that calls itself Rangers, a circus only needs one Ringmaster, but many clowns. The Ringmaster is in South Africa calling all the shots, while the clowns in the Ibrox Big Top make complete fools of themselves.

Well at least some of us are getting a laugh out of it….

Is Glasgow Really Big Enough For Another Pedro?

Is Glasgow Really Big Enough For Another Pedro?

The news that Sevco have finally made contact with fifth-placed Qatari club Al Garafa about the availability of their Portuguese manager Pedro Caixinha, is a clear indication that the noisy neighbours have ambitions above their station.

With a reputed salary of around £2m tax-free, it’s obvious a stringent medical would be needed, with particular attention being paid to the guys head, as he must be off his nut to go anywhere Soft Loans FC. Particularly with his pedigree, if the SMSM are to be believed…

This under the radar move, well it must be if none of the real big clubs in Europe are interested, will no doubt come to nothing and the Sevco board will resort to type with a ‘Real Rangers Man’ appointed just in time to fleece the Gullibears of more season ticket cash. Let’s be honest here, news of Caixinha joining Scottish Football’s newest club will hardly fill the Lodges for the forthcoming  Sash Bash season, considering the man will most probably be a Catholic!

The sad truth of the matter is Pedro Caixinha is being used as a tool by King & Co to make the Sevconians think they’re attracting a manager of real quality. With the ever compliant media onside, the new Mourinho will be tagged as being too greedy when the deal falls through.

In the meantime, the REAL PEDRO, Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, will continue to run the game specifically to suit our club. His influence over the game, the GCC and most likely the Vatican, will leave the deluded from down Ibrox way foaming at the mouth, a constant state they suffer from I believe.

In reality, is Glasgow big enough for two Pedros? I think not.



Beaton’s Sevco Set Up Or Is It Business As Usual?

Beaton’s Sevco Set Up Or Is It Business As Usual?

Although it’s a new club playing out of Ibrokes, the habits of the old club are hard to hide, especially when it comes to their relationship with the officials.

For years and years, it’s been common knowledge that the referring fraternity have a tendency to play by different rules when it comes to the home team. And nothings going to change.

Only in Scotland can former season ticket holders be allowed to officiate their club’s games, and I’m not talking development or youth games, I’m talking senior matches, Premiership and Scottish Cup.

Now it’s only human nature that given the opportunity they will sway decisions to favour the club they supported, I get that, but to blatantly display a total disregard for the game in general then something has to be done.

John Beaton gave the kind of display at Ibrokes yesterday that literally brings the game into disrepute. His failure to send off Sevco goalkeeper Wes Fotheringham after he handled outside the box was criminal, then to compound the agony for Hamilton the whistler gave the home side a penalty at was as soft as you’ll see. Almost in the Jamie Walker category!

As is that wasn’t bad enough, substitute and resident thug, Joey Garner committed the kind of tackle on Hamilton’s Dougie Imrie that wouldn’t be a out of place on WWE, only to be ‘rewarded’ with a yellow card! If you haven’t seen it yet be wary, it’s xxx stuff. Basically, it’s an assault.

However, Beatons joke of a display wasn’t exactly a surprise. Or unexpected. Two red cards missed and a soft penalty made for just another day at the office….

For those of us old enough to remember the previous incarnation out of Ibrokes, this was simply business as usual…


From Magic Hats To Mystery Mentors..The Sevco Fiasco Goes On!

From Magic Hats To Mystery Mentors..The Sevco Fiasco Goes On!

Once upon a time there was a manager of a new football club in Scotland called Sevco. He was brought to Glasgow to play highly paid players against plumbers and joiners in the second tier of Scottish Football, something most managers could do, but this man was special.

He was so good he even had a magic hat, one that his follow-followers would sing about and sometimes even copy.

Then one May afternoon in the Southside of Glasgow, at Hampden Park to be precise, the magic hat blew away never to return. Without these magic powers the man called Warbiola was helpless, even hopeless, and soon found his loyal subjects were not so loyal as they turned their backs on him, forcing him to resign, then not resign, then resign again..

He was soon to be banished from the place they call Ibrokes, and replaced with a young untried rookie by the name of Graeme Murty.

But things didn’t go so well for the rookie manager either, even though he has a mystery mentor (see pic) to guide him through the choppy seas of the Scottish Premiership.

With two losses out of three games in charge, and nothing to show in the league apart from a headstand, Murty is either not listening to the wise one or the wise one is full of shit, like his pupil!

Either way, the circus continues..

And just when we thought the big top couldn’t get any better, the rumour mill is rife with speculation that the new DOF, whoever that may be, will have the honour of working with failed Clyde boss and Daily Record columnist, Barry Chuckle Ferguson!

Now I might be jumping the gun a little here but from what I’ve read on socal media and the praise Barry has recieved from his cronies in the SMSM  it looks like the Bazza is on course to return to a place where he said only last week, ‘I don’t know how anyone could leave that place (Ibrox)’ even though he did himslef when he was transferred to Blackburn in 2003!

So, Bhoys and Ghirls, the fun goes on…


Sevco Fans Deserve Better. The NEW SMSM Narrative..

Sevco Fans Deserve Better. The NEW SMSM Narrative..

In the last 24 hours I’ve read from two different SMSM sources that the Sevco fans ‘deserve better’. Both Gerry McCulloch, from Clyde Super Scoreboard, and Graham Spiers from the Times tweeted this same message.

Their sympathetic view towards the Sevco support comes a day after the new club slumped to a 2-1 loss at Dundee on Sunday, the Dens Park teams first win of the year. The result leaving the Ibrox side trailing a recently rejuvenated Aberdeen by six points and in third place.

The defeat coupled with the fact they don’t have a full-time manager, preferring to operate as a shoestring outfit and save wages by promoting Murty from the under 20’s, means their bullish, or should I say bullshit, preseason campaign about ‘going for 55’ is now more applicable for number of points than fantasy league titles!

Of course in an effort to save face, a new target of finishing second as always being their target has been mooted, although that also looks like a bridge too far for the Sevco players, who are failing to live up to their billing on a regular basis. Makes you wonder why that is, surely the world class breakfasts served up at Auchenhowie have some affect…..

Anyway, having said all that, why do the Gullibears deserve any more than any other fans? Should they not just be grateful they have a team to watch, after all, they managed to circumvent the rules to be granted a place in Division Three ahead of clubs who live within their means and play by the rules?

Surely it’s the fans of these teams that deserve better, Gerry? Graham?

When Will Sevco Be Answerable For Their Own Inadequacies?

When Will Sevco Be Answerable For Their Own Inadequacies?

It’s always someone else to blame!

Managerless and rudderless Sevco can take comfort in the knowledge the cheerleading SMSM will be on hand to shift the focus from their own inadequacies and blame someone else.

After Dundee recorded a well deserved 2-1 victory over the league newcomers at Dens Park yesterday, it was circle the wagons time for all those concerned with the the club/company.

Racist, and former 48 hour director, clown shoes Chris Graham, was the first to respond with the club message that everything wrong at Ibrokes is Mark Warburton and Frank McParland’s fault. There was no mention of Davie Weir as his staunchness can’t be called into question.

According to him, the Manager of the Year must take responsibility for leaving caretaker and part-time acrobat Graeme Murty with the players that many over o the South Side thought capable of winning the Premiership.

After all, we were told the Rangers (IL) were coming….

And to keep the finger point going, Matthew ‘Bungle’ Lindsay of the Evening Times has laid the current Ibrokes crisis at Celtic’s door. Apparently, when Brendan thought about the best place for Ryan Christie to get game time and continue his development, it was specifically to hinder Sevco.

Bungle basically accuses Celtic of helping Aberdeen secure second place in the Premiership by loaning Ryan to the Dons, failing to credit them with a good run of form that’s seen only the Bhoys beat them.

This narrative is very much the same as in 2012, when everyone else was to blame for the Downfall of old Rangers. The SMSM are very much following the same pattern and no doubt the same outcome awaits Sevco.

Maybe then, Scottish football can get on with it…