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Dave King: The Donald Trump Of Scottish Football.

Dave King: The Donald Trump Of Scottish Football.

When you look at it, the man in charge of Sevco, Dave King, and his counterpart in charge of the US, Donald Trump, they have a lot more in common than you might first think.

Both made their money out of capitalist systems that exploit the poor, and ethnic sections of society, in King’s case with the help of an apartheid regime. Although that wasn’t enough for him, he decided to try and cheat the South African taxman, but was caught.

His ‘favourable settlement’ included paying £41M to stay out of jail.

Like Trump, he hasn’t an ounce of diplomacy or decency in his body, and just talks any old pish to get himself in the media. His recent rant about Celtic’s title winning was nothing more than a smokescreen.

Again. like his ‘orange’ friend over the pond, his business dealings are usually short of detail, but when scrutinised, fall short of the hype received by an obedient press. King’s supposed kicking of billionaire Mike Ashley’s ass was in fact just another scam to make him look good to the Gullibears.

When you look under the hood at the deal, Sevco were due to pay for unsold stock, something they would be unlikely to do, Ashley wanted out, got 27.5p per share, netting him a cool £2m, also got himself out of a place he didn’t want to be, while the loyal numpies were sold a lie, buying old stock, that will put very little for the Ibrox coffers.

To justify the tale, King even brought the Sevco SLO into the frame by getting him to tweet the club had missed the deadline to register a new strip with the SPFL, even though that ‘deadline’ is this week. The Billy Liars strike again!

But the comparisons with the POTUS doesn’t stop there.

King, like Donald, has a habit of forgetting his lies. He’s previously told his followers, while a kid in Glasgow’s Castlemilk, his policeman father didn’t approve of football, only to claim later he was very much part of a ‘Rangers’ family growing up. Make your mind up Dave!

While Trump is being investigated by the US authorities on a number of issues, and quite rightly so, King is allowed a free ride in Scotland to say and do as he wishes. His various comments on our club and the game in general are tantamount to bringing the game into disrepute, but no one on the 6th floor at Hampden has batted an eyelid.

And last but not least, both Dave King and Donald Trump appeal to the dregs of society. A section of the population that are predominately racist, bigoted and without doubt dumb.

Easily led, they hang on to the every word of their ‘leader’ as if they’re being taken on some wonderful journey of domination.

The outside, normal world, know nothing could be further from the truth. Donald and Dave, are both joke figures to the sane people in society, and will fall flat on their faces, humiliated and chastised. It’s only a matter of time…



SMSM Rolling Back The Years, A Touch of Deja Blue….

SMSM Rolling Back The Years, A Touch of Deja Blue….

Yesterday’s announcement, for want of a better word, from the Messiah Dave King, that the new club in Govan have secured a wonderful new deal to sell and distribute replica shirts with Sports Direct, was met with a media fawning not seen since the heydays of Minty’s empire!

It was like rolling back the years, without the ASDA price….

As always, the succulent lamb brigade took the career criminal totally at face value, and never dared once to ask for any detail about this proposed new super deal. Why would they, it was press release heaven for the laptop loyal.

If they had taken the time to look under the bonnet,for even a split second, and asked themselves, ‘why would a bona-fide Billionaire Mike Ashley, renegotiate an iron clad contract in favour of a glib and shameless liar’, then they might have been able to put some meat on the bones of the ‘new deal’.

Instead of creaming themselves over ‘net profits’, ‘bigger than Manchester United’, blah, blah, blah, they would probably have found that selling shirts, makes more sense than having to pay for unsold shirts, as the ‘previous’ deal stated.

Having to pay for unsold stock might have pushed the cash stricken club, who King admitted himself, were dependent on soft loans, (you know the ones, where it’s debt but it’s not debt, wink, wink) that bit closer to the admin door, therefore big Mick might not get ANY money for the stock.

As per usual, the Gullibears have bought King’s spiel hook, line and sinker.  Bad Mike is now good Mike.

Social media, and the phone-ins were packed with the deluded telling us the good old days were back. (I’m sure we’ve heard this before somewhere) With radio pundits joining in the celebrations, of course…

I’m just wondering if that would that be back to the days of having mega cash rich merchandise deals, with money flowing into Ibrox, yet you still decided to cheat the tax man and Scottish Football? Canny wait…

Is Hypocrite SFA Chief Regan Under Orders?

Is Hypocrite SFA Chief Regan Under Orders?

SFA Chief Executive, Stewart Regan is either being worked by someone, or he’s a complete idiot with no respect for the law in this country, or any other for that matter.

We haven’t heard a peep from him for weeks, maybe months, but when a Scottish court of law finds Craig Whyte NOT GUILTY of fraud in obtaining Rangers (IL), he comes out from under his rock to declare the defendant, and now innocent man, not fit and proper to run a football club.

Yet, the same Regan found in favour of Dave King, a former director of the now deceased club, and a man found GUILTY of 41 charges of fraud and deception by a South African court, where a judge described him as a ‘glib and shameless liar’, fit for proper to run the new club.

King, who only managed to stay out of jail by agreeing to pay £45M in back tax, is lauded around Hampden and has been seen in talks with the current SFA Chief Executive.

Regan, who has already dismissed claims former SFA President, and EBT recipient,  Campbell Ogilvie was conflicted when the tax case was being heard, is clearly being influenced by someone.

He’s also chosen to emerge from his bunker on the day another former director of the cheating dead club, Alistair Johnson, is moved onto the club board. Coincidence? Don’t you believe it.

The notion the SFA is a governing body for the whole of Scottish Football is pure fantasy. It’s being run FOR the benefit of one club, and controlled by the same club.

Something HAS to change. And now.


Beat Malmo To Survive-Rangers (IL) Fag Packet Business Plan….

Beat Malmo To Survive-Rangers (IL) Fag Packet Business Plan….

Summing up for the defence at the High Court today, former vice-chairman of Rangers (IL) and counsel for Craig Whyte, Donald Findlay, basically told the court that the survival of Rangers (IL) as a club depended on winning a Champions League qualifying tie against Swedish side Malmo.

So basically, when Craigie Bhoy took over at what was already a financial basket case of a club, he had to be assured that beating Malmo to progress to the lucrative group stages of the Champions League, was not only possible, but probable, given how much the survival of the club relied on the result.

He’s already inherited a manager that the court was told would cost millions NOT to appoint, the real Rangers Man Ally McCoist, who, like the rest of them who profess to love the club, love their bank account more, much more.

And let’s not forget the fact they were given a licence to compete in the competition in the first place is under scrutiny, certainly more so after the evidence of this trial. The SFA have to be made answerable as to how a club with a CONFIRMED tax liability was granted a licence to play at all?

As much as Craig Whyte’s ‘back of a fag packet’ business plan was a shambles, was he really to blame for the impending death of the club and cessation of 140 years history?

Or was it down to the ‘cheeky chappy’ who spent as much time trying to make enemies, and piss everyone off, in order to save his own skin?

Ultimately, they cheated to try and prosper, and cheats never win….or so we’re told.



If Going Through The Season Unbeaten Is So Easy…….

If Going Through The Season Unbeaten Is So Easy…….

Then why didn’t Sevco do it going through the divisions?

When your faced with just being also-rans, it’s probably expected you’ll try to belittle the achievements of the club you so wish you were.

Since Sevco’s inception in 2012, they’ve spent most of their existence hanging on to Celtic’s coat tails, trying to feel make themselves feel relevant. They crave the attention by trying to resurrect the term ‘Old Firm’ at every conceivable opportunity.

It’s almost as if they feel the need to be seen. Almost like their previous incarnation, Rangers, there’s an entitlement issue they just can’t let go.

Instead of showing some humility and congratulate Brendan Rodgers and the Bhoys, on our historic unbeaten, Treble winning season, they come up with excuses, like using the size of our budget, as a reason for our success.

Well, it is true we do have a bigger budget than any other club in Scotland, mainly due to the fact our club lives within it’s means, and is well run and fantastically supported.

We also have a better manager and better players than any other club in the country.

But let’s humour the Sevvies for a while.

If, as they say, going through the season unbeaten is down to having a bigger budget, then why didn’t they manage to go undefeated through the Championship, Division Two and Division Three, when their budget was enormously bigger than the other clubs in their leagues?

When they were paying and playing Premiership wages and players, against plumbers, brickies and postmen?

Answers on a postcard…


Sky Lie About Sevco Unbeaten Run….

Sky Lie About Sevco Unbeaten Run….

This last weekend has shown us, once again, that Sky have scant regard for Scottish football fans, with a so what attitude to impartiality.

The broadcaster have for long enough given up on our game, not only be constantly promoting the newest club in Scottish football, but by publishing lies, that show either contempt of lack of professionalism.

Their Saturday programme. live from Ibrokes prior to the Sevco v Hearts match, tried to convince us the home team were on a run of eight games undefeated at home.

Despite the fact they themselves, broadcast live only two weeks ago Celtic demolishing Sevco 5-1, at the same ground!

They seem to be quite happy publishing what ever they want, as long as it makes good reading for the Gullibears.

And to keep them at the forefront of bias, they replace one anti-Celtic clown, Neil McCann, with the cheeky chappie, who ripped off the natives for millions of pounds, while struggling through the lower divisions. A real Rangers(IL) man!

I sincerely hope BT Sport get the contract to broadcast Scottish Football. Although not perfect, they should at least dump Craigan, they are miles ahead of the others, including the BBC, who are pushing Sky in the bias stakes…