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Sevco Fans Deserve Better. The NEW SMSM Narrative..

Sevco Fans Deserve Better. The NEW SMSM Narrative..

In the last 24 hours I’ve read from two different SMSM sources that the Sevco fans ‘deserve better’. Both Gerry McCulloch, from Clyde Super Scoreboard, and Graham Spiers from the Times tweeted this same message.

Their sympathetic view towards the Sevco support comes a day after the new club slumped to a 2-1 loss at Dundee on Sunday, the Dens Park teams first win of the year. The result leaving the Ibrox side trailing a recently rejuvenated Aberdeen by six points and in third place.

The defeat coupled with the fact they don’t have a full-time manager, preferring to operate as a shoestring outfit and save wages by promoting Murty from the under 20’s, means their bullish, or should I say bullshit, preseason campaign about ‘going for 55’ is now more applicable for number of points than fantasy league titles!

Of course in an effort to save face, a new target of finishing second as always being their target has been mooted, although that also looks like a bridge too far for the Sevco players, who are failing to live up to their billing on a regular basis. Makes you wonder why that is, surely the world class breakfasts served up at Auchenhowie have some affect…..

Anyway, having said all that, why do the Gullibears deserve any more than any other fans? Should they not just be grateful they have a team to watch, after all, they managed to circumvent the rules to be granted a place in Division Three ahead of clubs who live within their means and play by the rules?

Surely it’s the fans of these teams that deserve better, Gerry? Graham?

When Will Sevco Be Answerable For Their Own Inadequacies?

When Will Sevco Be Answerable For Their Own Inadequacies?

It’s always someone else to blame!

Managerless and rudderless Sevco can take comfort in the knowledge the cheerleading SMSM will be on hand to shift the focus from their own inadequacies and blame someone else.

After Dundee recorded a well deserved 2-1 victory over the league newcomers at Dens Park yesterday, it was circle the wagons time for all those concerned with the the club/company.

Racist, and former 48 hour director, clown shoes Chris Graham, was the first to respond with the club message that everything wrong at Ibrokes is Mark Warburton and Frank McParland’s fault. There was no mention of Davie Weir as his staunchness can’t be called into question.

According to him, the Manager of the Year must take responsibility for leaving caretaker and part-time acrobat Graeme Murty with the players that many over o the South Side thought capable of winning the Premiership.

After all, we were told the Rangers (IL) were coming….

And to keep the finger point going, Matthew ‘Bungle’ Lindsay of the Evening Times has laid the current Ibrokes crisis at Celtic’s door. Apparently, when Brendan thought about the best place for Ryan Christie to get game time and continue his development, it was specifically to hinder Sevco.

Bungle basically accuses Celtic of helping Aberdeen secure second place in the Premiership by loaning Ryan to the Dons, failing to credit them with a good run of form that’s seen only the Bhoys beat them.

This narrative is very much the same as in 2012, when everyone else was to blame for the Downfall of old Rangers. The SMSM are very much following the same pattern and no doubt the same outcome awaits Sevco.

Maybe then, Scottish football can get on with it…

Operation Volunteer-The Save Skint Sevco Plan!

Operation Volunteer-The Save Skint Sevco Plan!

Just a week after the five year-old club acrimoniously dismissed their manager, assistant and chief scout, freeing up some badly needed cash, skint Sevco are asking the Gullibears to volunteer their time to work for the club, in return for free entry to the club’s matches.

I can only assume this would cover games played at the dilapidated Ibrox, of which there are very few games left to play.

This cunning new plan is not exactly what you’d expect from the Establishment club as they try to sell a big bright future to prospective Directors of Football or Head Coaches. Offering a world class breakfast can only get you so far!

Ironically, but not surprising, the skint Sevco plan is being lauded in the rag that is the Daily Record, only days after they criticised St Mirren for not paying employees minimum wage, and just weeks after they went for Partick Thistle’s jugular for operating similar practices.

The same paper has the current Clyde manager, Barry Chuckle, offering advice to the temporary manager Graeme Murty, telling him he has the best job in the world. I’d suggest getting paid by one club while all your attention is given to another isn’t a bad gig either Bazza. Except its not tax free this time….

And just to complete the Sevco good feeling, Wacko Jacko has a piece on Dundee goalkeeper Scott Bain leaving the club. The keeper is arguably the Dens Park sides best player, who just by chance play Sevco in Dundee this Sunday.

In case you haven’t noticed, since the old Rangers News ceased to exist, like the club itself, the new incarnation needed an in-house publication to spread the word. The cost of such an operation was always going to be prohibitive, so the Daily Record filled the void and is now nothing more than a club fanzine.

And yet some of our support still buy it…



Five Years Later…Time To Move On?

Five Years Later…Time To Move On?

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of Rangers Football Club entering administration. Their years of tax evasion and cheating had finally caught up with them as the then owner Craig Whyte contacted the Court of Sesssion to put the club into administration.

The final straw came after their largest creditor HMRC, despite confident overtones from the SMSM, refused to enter a CVA, thus leaving the club with debts approaching £134M.

This calamity came to a head after it was discovered the Ibrox club had been living on fresh air for nearly four months, with Whyte withholding payment of tax and NI contributions since October 2011.

The narrative at the time was plain and simple. Rangers are an institution and are ‘too big’ to go under. Well, like everything that had gone before, that was just a phalicy. According to evidence given by the SPL lawyers at the sham LNS enquiry, Rangers ceased to be a club in June 2012 although it was argued the date was in fact August 2012.

From that day on the SMSM, many old Rangers fans themselves, and many in fear for thei lives, have done a 360 and claimed the club playing out of Ibrox now is the same that was founded in 1872. Although Scots Law states the club and company are indivisble, and UEFA state clearly a new club was formed, these charlatans continue to peddle the same club myth to appease their blue audience.

Their refusal to acknowledge our game was subject to the biggest cheating scndal in British sporting history, is in itself gross misconduct from an industry where integrity is a thing of the past. Cheating enough for LNS to comment it was second only to match fixing! I must add that the whole charade could only have been allowed to happen with the co-operation of teh Scottish football authorities, who have previous for misappropriation.

And now five years on, the very same media and authorities tell us, Scottish football fans, not just Celtic fans, the lifeblood of our game to move on.

These people have taken and taken from our game season after season, with not a care in the world as to whether the game is played with integrity or not. They, like the many less than honest incumbents at the Govan club are the real thieves of Scottish football.

Time to move on? That’ll be a no from me, and from every other decent fan in Scotland…

BFDJ And The Chuckle Brothers..

BFDJ And The Chuckle Brothers..

More Comedy Classics of The Blue Kind..

You’d think after the comedy capers of Rangers (IL) the Scottish mainstream sports media and the Gullibears would make an effort to put a stop to all the nonsense.

As another club playing out of Ibrox lies with it’s throat cut, nothing changes in world of the compliant hacks.

Instead of putting their hands up and accepting partial responsibility, they churn out Big Fat Derek Johnstone of Radio Clyde and Barry and Derek Chuckle on Radio Scotland, with not a brain between the three of them!

if you believed what they spouted you’d think it was Sevco instead of Celtic that were on an unbeaten run. Having said that, with the insight of BFDJ, it might not be far off. In his character assassination of Warbiola, he mentioned that ‘top managers’ change tactics two or three times in a game….like Graeme Murty did against Morton!

There ye go, problem solved, they’ve unearthed a ‘top manager’ from coaching the under 20’s right under their nose.

Derek, in all fairness to him does have a vast knowledge of absolutely NOTHING.

Turning to the Chuckle Brothers, Derek pontificated on Saturday that as far as he was concerned, Mark Warburton should have been concentrating 100% on the ‘Rangers’ job, and not looking for a way out. Of course he forgot that his brother Barry, as manager of Clyde, only speaks about the Ibrox club.

Not what you’d call concentrating 100% on the job, is it Derek? Having said that, Barry told us last night he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave the place. Obviously forgetting he did the same when he move to Blackburn Rovers in 2003.

Ah well, as long as they’re on message…



Sad News For The Anniversary Blues!

Sad News For The Anniversary Blues!

Five Years On And Nothing Changes!

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Rangers (IL) entering administration. As sure as night follow follows day, the club were then set on the path to liquidation, and extinction.

Owner at the time, the Motherwell Billionaire with wealth off the radar, Craig Whyte decided enough was enough and cut off the life support machine by admitting non-payment of bills and taxes was no longer an option.

With Hector the Inspector breathing down his neck, Whyte stood at the front door of Ibrox, a stadium John Brown once played for, and read out a declaration of intent, basically telling the Gullibears 140 years of Bluenoseness was going down the tubes.

As much as the Celtic support delighted in the precarious position the Orcs found themselves in, it came as no surprise as we’d been reliably informed courtesy of Phil MacGiollabhain, Paul Brennan and Paul McConville of the seriousness of the situation the Ibrox club found itself in.

The message was clear for sometime, they were staring into the abyss, but a mixture of superiority and staunchness clouded their judgement. As far as they were concerned, there would always be a ‘Real Rangers Man’ with pockets full of cash to prop up their club.

Well, my friends, we all know how that panned out…

Happy Administration Day Bhoys & Ghirls..