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Irony Of Sevco Blogger Comparing Cheating Teams..

Irony Of Sevco Blogger Comparing Cheating Teams..

There’s a deluded Sevco blogger, Johnny MacFarlane, who writes for the club fanzine that is the Daily Record*.

He has during his time come up with some real crackers when it comes to talking up the Ibrox club, with not a hint of reality attached to ANY of his articles. Doing very much the same job as Chris Jack does at the Evening Times.

There is no doubt he’s lost the irony of his latest article, where he suggests Sevco do a’ Juventus on Celtic’, comparing the job the Italian giants did on Barcelona in the Champions League, to a similar job Sevco should do on the champions.

Celtic are without doubt the Barcelona of Scottish Football, but Sevco are more like Espanyol than Juventus to be honest.

However, the irony of Johnny’s article has more to do with his choice of club to copy.

If he believes, like most of the Gullibears do, that Sevco are in fact Rangers (IL), then it his choice of Juventus couldn’t be more appropriate.

You see, in 2006 the ‘Old Lady’ of Italian football were stripped of their 2004-05 Serie A title and demoted to Serie B for their part in cheating, by arranging favourable refereeing appointments, in a scandal known as ‘Bribesville’. Unlike the scandal in Scottish Football where Rangers (IL) acted alone, Juventus were part of a five team scam.

And unlike the Scottish scandal, Juventus were punished accordingly, and took their medicine getting on with it, and not blaming anyone else for their cheating.

If justice is to be served in Scotland, Rangers (IL) too will be stripped of the titles they won while using players illegally registered. An offence their chairman admitted committing.

*no newspaper was purchased.



Stop Celtic ‘By Hook or By Crook”, Says Tax Dodger Eck!

Stop Celtic ‘By Hook or By Crook”, Says Tax Dodger Eck!

Whenever Celtic face a game against the new club, or the old club for that matter, the media love nothing more than wheeling out ex-players and managers who’ve played their part in previous encounters.

It’s nothing new.

Neither, usually is the narrative. My old team could beat the new team, and we had better players then…blah, blah,blah. We all heard and read it, over and over again.

However, this time, there was a quote that was of REAL interest.

Alex McLeish, former manager of old Rangers (IL) was speaking ahead of Sunday’s game at Hampden when he blurted out, ‘Listen, somehow you have to win the title next year by hook or by crook’.

His assertion apparently came during an interview for the Sevco job with the current directors.

McLeish, unwittingly has given us all an insight as to the thinking inside Ibrox. This latest claim comes on the heels of a BBC interview a few months back when he told us, “if we didn’t pay the money on wages Celtic were paying, we’d been behind them”.

What he was referring to, was the years of cheating the old club embarked on by paying their staff, McLeish included, by means of Employee Benefit Trusts or EBT’s for short. Millions of pounds were siphoned off away from the HMRC. His take was £1.7M.

Yes, £1.7M from the taxpayer, just to make sure the Establishment club remained top dog.

The notion that this money, and any trophies accrued during his five years in charge, was obtained by cheating doesn’t matter on iota to McLeish.

All that matters is, “by hook or by crook”, they stop Celtic.


Broonie The Bogeyman, Another Media Myth…

Broonie The Bogeyman, Another Media Myth…

The media fallout from captain Scott Brown’s last minute red card at Ross County on Sunday has been nothing short of sensational.

Pundits, ex-players and so called fans alike, have been queuing up to put the boot, metaphorically, into Broonie, with a rhetoric that suits their preconceived agenda.

Quotes of ‘old Scott Brown’ are being thrown about like confetti, as if he was some sort of on the park hitman.

And the very notion that the club are, quite rightly, appealing his sending off, has put the usual suspects among the Celtic hating fraternity into meltdown, conveniently forgetting one of their favourites used the exact tactic to escape punishment not too long ago. (Kiernan)

All this means that Scott Brown, the bogeyman, will be available for selection on Sunday for our game against the new club in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

The very same ‘bogeyman’ who has played over 400 games in the last ten years for Celtic, and only received his marching orders on just four occasions, and to be honest, two of those, like Sunday were questionable.

Therefore the image the media wish to portray of this marauding, hacking thug, certainly isn’t the reality of Scott Brown.

Maybe they’re getting him mixed up with Souness?

Trying To Defend The Indefensible, Former Ref Condones Robertson!

Trying To Defend The Indefensible, Former Ref Condones Robertson!

I thought I was seeing things when I read the article in The Scotsman today.

Headlined, “Why the referee awarded Ross County a penalty against Celtic”, the author Craig Anderson, a former referee tells us first, it’s a blatant dive, then goes on to almost exonerate Don Robertson by saying he anticipated a tackle from Erik Sviatchenko!

Yip, the referee, not Alex Schalk, the diving player, anticipated the tackle!

He then goes on to tell us about the view of the TV camera was better than the referee, suggesting Robertson might have been ‘tricked’ into seeing something that wasn’t there.  I’m sure the referee was perfectly placed to see the incident. (I am not making this shite up!. There’s a link at the bottom of the article.)

Former ref Anderson, then goes on to say the linesman’s view might have been partially blocked by Erik, and that he would have to be a brave man to over rule the referee. The image provided (above) is from behind the goal, a place the linesman certainly WON’T be.

Summing up, he almost praises Schalk for timing his dive perfectly!

All this from a former referee. And you wonder how this game is perceived as corrupt?

Article here.

Schalk Might Still Get Away With His Dive….

Schalk Might Still Get Away With His Dive….

Everyone who witnessed Ross County’s Alex Schalk’s dive for a penalty in the closing minutes of yesterday’s game against champions Celtic, automatically think the Dutchman will be hammered by the beaks.

But that might not be the case.

Even though his manager Jim McIntyre grudgingly admitted the player cheated, the SFA compliance officer Tony McLennan will be the one who’ll decide if Schalk gets punished.

The same Tony McLennan, who despite TV evidence, claimed Sevco’s Rob Kiernan did NOT punch St Johnstone’s Steven Anderson in the stomach, during the new club’s 1-1 draw at McDairmid Park in December last year.

Or see Morton’s Oyenuga collapse alleging a headbutt from Hibs’ Darren McGregor last month.

Both these incidences were clear as day, but the compliance officer ruled otherwise.

Such is our faith in the authorities running, or should I say ruining, the Scottish game, don’t be surprised to see Alex Schalk available for Ross County’s next game…

Today Our Biggest Danger Reared It’s Ugly Head In the Form of Don Robertson!

Today Our Biggest Danger Reared It’s Ugly Head In the Form of Don Robertson!

Celtic on the park have no peers in Scottish Football. Brendan Rodgers’ unbeaten side could quite easily go through the season as Invincibles, winning all three domestic trophies we’ve entered.

As much as Aberdeen and Sevco will try their very best to compete, they are NOT our biggest danger for winning the clean sweep.

The officials, who work for the Scottish Football Association are.

And EVERY Celtic fans knows it.

We’ve experienced it so often, almost to a man, women and child, when asked who we fear the most, the referees and assistants is the answer.

And today, Don Robertson showed exactly how we get to that conclusion.

His decision to award a penalty to Ross County, when substitute Shalk dived with Erik Sviatchenko at least a yard away from him, was nothing but cheating, plain and simple. And to make matters worse his assistant, who ran down the tunnel at the end of the match, was just as culpable.

When awarding a penalty we are told the man in the middle must be 100% certain.

If Robertson was 100% certain today, then he needs to take a lie detector, instead of an eye test.