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I Give You Sevco/The Rangers, The Frankenstein of Scottish Football.

I Give You Sevco/The Rangers, The Frankenstein of Scottish Football.

Monsters, just like the one in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein are usually created with the body parts of one or many former beings. Quite often they are gruesome and unpleasant on purpose, therefore they become somewhat menacing.

And Sevco/The Rangers are no different.

Despite the protestations of many lamb munchers in the SMSM and the rank and file Gullibears, the team that plays out of Ibrox are not the same as the one originally created in 1872. They died in 2012, and yesterday, just to put the final ‘nail in the coffin’, Lord Bannatyne said as much when he gave his verdict on the Coral v Kinloch case.

This court case came about after a mug punter, Mr Kinloch, with an element of inside knowledge bet Rangers (IL) would be relegated in 2012. He claimed that’s what happened when the new club were allowed entry to Division Three, and wanted his £250,000 payout.

Coral Bookmakers, of course disagreed and the case went to court.

Unlike previous court cases, in particular the sham that was the Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry, Lord Bannatyne was in possession of the full facts for this case.

His summation of what actually happened is below…

What you can gather from the Judge’s words is that Rangers (IL) were neither relegated or demoted as the SMSM would have you believe. They are a new club (Sevco/Rangers), put together with the body parts of Oldco Rangers, some players, the stadium, the colours, and more importantly the gullible fans who will believe the earth is flat if it suits them.

This Frankenstein like creation came about courtesy of the secret five-way agreement, involving RFC, SPL, SFL, SFA & Sevco, allowing the new monster entry into the third division without needing the regular qualifying criteria, like three years accounts.

It started of as a basket case and has continued to do so throughout it’s five-year existence, living month to month on emergency loans. The club continues to be a blight on our game, spending most of it’s time in dispute with broadcasters, authorities, both football and legal, while looking to operate under different rules from everyone else.

Maybe it’s time Dr Frankenstein returned to exterminate the monster and do us all a favour..

When Prejudice Clouds Professional Judgement…

When Prejudice Clouds Professional Judgement…

The game of football has rules, and these rules are supposed to apply equally to all teams and clubs participating in teh sport.

So when a player is fouled by another for example, then regardless of what team the offender plays for, it’s a foul. Not for some obscure reason the officials may not see it at the time, therefore a foul isn’t given.

However, the same doesn’t apply to pundits and journalists, who have the benefit of replays and time to call the incident according to the rules. Seems fair enough?

But in Scotland, there is a real problem with this simple analogy.

Most, and I mean most, pundits and hacks cannot separate their professionalism from their blind faith in the team they support. So, when for instance, Kenny Miller makes a two footed lunge, Roger Hannah on Clyde SSB thinks it’s just a yellow card. The reason? Because it’s in the 5th minute, although he admitted its a sending-off if it’s in the 85th minute!

That supposition is nearly as bad as EBT recipient Steven Thompson on the BBC Sportscene programme, when he reckoned Clint Hill’s waist height assault in the last minute on Leigh Griffiths was ‘just a wee foul‘.

Not the sharpest tool in the box, Thompson gave the game away with admitting it was a foul, hence a penalty and sending off, as Hill was already booked, basically saying it’s against my former team so, the rules don’t apply.

‘The rules don’t apply’ seems to be a recurring theme were the team from Ibrox are concerned. And the media men don’t care how biased or unprofessional they look.


Bobby Madden, Sevco’s Man of the Match!

Bobby Madden, Sevco’s Man of the Match!

Before I go on, Celtic were poor by our normal standards in yesterday’s Derby match. Having said that, a 30% Hoops team against a 100% Sevco, playing at their level best, were minutes away from winning the game, no thanks to the man in the middle.

I know big Jock said something about if you’re better than the opposition then the referee doesn’t matter, but to be honest I don’t buy into that. And yesterday’s performance by Bobby Madden goes a long way to prove my point.

With only minutes on the clock, Kenny Miller sprinted into a two footed lunge that if it had connected, would have put an end to Stuart Armstrong’s career. Luckily the Celtic player saw it coming and got out of the way.

As you can see from the pic about, Millers off the ground and totally out of control. In any other game it’s straight red card, but just like last week with Garner, normal rules don’t apply.

To put Sevco down to ten men so early in the game would have made the job even more difficult for Madden’s favourite team, and he knew that. However, yesterday he was employed by the SFA to referee a football match, not support his team.

He chose the former.

From that moment on, the Celtic support prepared ourselves for the worst, and Brother Bobby duly obliged. His sporadic booking of Sevco players only came after multiple offences had taken place. And even then he failed to apply the rules by issuing a second yellow card in particular to Jason Holt and Clint Hill.

Holt’s two footed, over the ball assault of Paddy Roberts merited a red card in itself, never mind a yellow, but Madden ignored it, allowed Holt to play on then book Mikel Lustig for protesting.

Despite all this Celtic were leading 1-0 until the 87th minute when slack defending allowed the aging Hill to grab an equaliser. At this point I wasn’t sure if Madden was going to celebrate along with the players, it certainly wouldn’t have come as a surprise!

Not content with a draw Celtic surged forward looking for a winner. A long punt by Craig Gordon was chased down by substitute Leigh Griffiths, who was scythed waist high by Hill, for what was a stonewall penalty.

In his last act of defiance, brother Bobby waived play on. By this time he couldn’t care less about any professionalism, he was acting as a supporter and he was determined Sevco were getting at least a point.

Brendan Has A Bullshit Detector And The SMSM Hate It…

Brendan Has A Bullshit Detector And The SMSM Hate It…

From the minute Brendan Rodgers walked through the glass doors at Celtic Park last June, he knew he’d be faced with a sycophantic media hell bent on undermining not only him, but Celtic as a whole.

Brendan was well aware of the lies and myths the SMSM published and broadcast about his predecessor Ronny Deila, and wasn’t going to be as easily fooled.

You see, Ronny, a Norwegian with English as his second language, and a naive honesty about him, was always going to be fair game for the Laptop Loyal who despise everything about our club. Through time, they even managed to convince the few normally impartial hacks and an element of our support to turn on the manager.

And the rest is history as they say.

However, when the meticulously prepared Brendan was met with his first sign of SMSM devilment, he swatted away the problem like you would a fly with a newspaper, then left a mark on the offending ‘journalist’ that put him and his shit stirring colleagues in their place.

That was as early as August. Since then, the Bhoys under Rodgers command have gone on a domestic unbeaten run that’s breaking records left, right and centre. And the SMSM hate it.

So now they they’re coming back with more.

This last week or so they’ve really ramped up the anti-Brendan rhetoric, first accusing him of lying in his assessment of St Mirren being the best domestic team to face us at Celtic Park, and then accusing him of having a dig at Sevco. Which, like the rest of the nonsense the write is bullshit.

Brendan is his own man, a Celtic supporter who is never slow to let the world know what he is. He’s the best thing to happen to our game in a long time. His remit is to continue our domestic domination and begin the process of establishing Celtic as a fixture in European football again. And no one will stop him.

He really has them worried.

Sleep Tight Big Shot.

Sleep Tight Big Shot.

The Lisbon Lion known as ‘the big shot’, Tommy Gemmell was finally laid to rest at Daldowie Crematorium in Lanarkshire this lunchtime.

Tributes from all over the world of football have been pouring in since 73 year-old Tommy passed away last week following a long term illness.

Tommy will always be remembered as the man who scored two goals in two separate European Cup Finals, a feat as a full back he shares with only other player. He pulled on the famous green and white no fewer than 418 times, scoring an amazing 63 goals, 31 times from the penalty spot.

His big personality along with his ‘big shot’ reputation meant that Tommy was always going to be a large than life kind of guy. Today, his family , friends, former team mates and fans who supported him, all paid tribute to one of Celtic’s greatest ever players.

Here’s what Tommy thought of Celtic, the fans and playing for the club…

  • “What will remain consistent, though, is the Celtic support and with those guys behind you anything is possible.”
  • “I really missed being a Celtic player. That meant more than money.”
  • “I can look back to Lisbon in ’67 and remember everything like it was yesterday.”
  • “The Celtic supporters were out of this world. I’ve still to find supporters to better them.”


We’ll all miss Tommy Gemmell. May he rest in peace.

Moussa Man of The Month…Again!

Moussa Man of The Month…Again!

Celtic scoring sensation Moussa Dembele has won February’s  Ladbrokes Premiership Player of the Month for a second time, in recognition of his seven goals in three league games.

The young Frenchman is having a fantastic debut season having hit the net no few than 32 times in 42 outings.

Included in that haul are five against Sunday’s derby opponents, three in the 5-1 win at Celtic Park, the only goal, an amazing double nutmeg flick, in the Hoops 1-0 League Cup Semi-Final at Hampden and a smashing drive into the roof of the net to equalise in the 2-1 win at Ibrox on Hogmany.

I’m sure Moussa will be hoping to add to this tally come Sunday afternoon.