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Institutional Bias From BBC Nothing New For Celtic…

Institutional Bias From BBC Nothing New For Celtic…

No doubt you’ll have read or watched the media furore about the Paradise Papers, you documents telling us where the super rich and the Monarchy hide their/our money.

They are called Paradise Papers largely because the location of tax free shelters tend to be in the Caribbean, Bermuda, BVI and the like. Sometimes it’s Switzerland, Liechtenstein or even the Channel Islands.

Regardless of where they are the principle is still the same. To avoid paying tax.

Early on in the week it emerged the Queen, then Prince Charles both used these tax shelters to avoid paying tax in the UK. Yip, the money us poor subjects give to these greedy people, via taxation, is treated differently than the money we earn.

It then emerged an Irish citizen who happens to own a lot of shares in Celtic, used the Swiss tax shelter to avoid paying tax in an aviation company he owns. Perfectly legal. But the fact that Dermot Desmond does own shares in our club was enough for the BBC to try and associate his other business dealings with Celtic.

For negative purposes of course.

The piece by ‘investigative journalist’ Mark Daly, where he shoved a microphone into Mr Desmond’s face as he walked into Celtic Park, was nothing more than a stunt. But one that will spectacularly back fire on him and the bias institution he represents.

As the BBC is publicly funded, surely there has to be an obligation to be impartial. (no laughing at the back). Therefore, Mr Daly might be using the taxpayers money more efficiently should he ‘doorstep’ someone who’s avoiding UK tax, someone like New Oasis, the BVI based company that provides soft loans to Sevco.

He could also have taken a wee trip along the M8 to ask a Knight of the Realm about his offshore holdings or his tax dealings over the last 25 years. However Mr Murray is Teflon where these matters are concerned.

Or as they are taking a footballing angle on tax avoidance and evasion, they maybe, in the public interest ask how a former club paid ex-employees while working for other clubs, like Graeme Souness and Walter Smith. Or even expose the fraud committed by the club, Rangers, in trying to swindle both PSV Eindhoven and Everton out of money.

Now these are not wild accusations, and Mr Daly knows they’re not, as he was party to seeing the evidence. But someone at the BBC decided not to go ahead with the investigation. I wonder who?

For those of us of a certain age, the BBC bias against our club is nothing new. I’m sure there’s a wee song about their lack of interest in our club on our quest to become world club champions…

Even A ‘Mystery Illness’ Can’t Halt Celtic’s Record Breaking Run!

Even A ‘Mystery Illness’ Can’t Halt Celtic’s Record Breaking Run!

It’s true, there’s just no stopping this record breaking run of Celtic’s. Not even a ‘mystery illness’ could stop this footballing juggernaut steam rolling it’s way to 63 games without defeat.

You see, if you look at the players and the manager on Saturday afternoon at Perth you’d never know anything was wrong. They just went about their business as usual.

But on Friday night at the team hotel in Dunblane, eight members of the party, including Brendan Rodgers, failed to show for their evening meal.

The reason given wasn’t specific, but a ‘bug’ has been attributed to those involved.

Celtic and/or Brendan Rodgers could easily have leaked the situation to the SMSM, therefore giving themselves an ‘alibi’ should the record come to an end against St Johnstone the following lunchtime.

But that’s not our style.

The manager sent out his team to do a job, and they duly obliged. No excuses needed.

Looks like it’ll take more than a ‘bug’ to stop these record breakers..

Celtic: Record Breakers Get On With It While Others Bitch And Moan….

Celtic: Record Breakers Get On With It While Others Bitch And Moan….

Celtic Football Club are a shining example to all, on and off the park. The club is a well oiled machine that have a vision while not forgetting it’s roots. Through careful fiscal management, we generate millions of pounds in revenue, without having to rely on third party loans.

Our sponsorship deals are the best in Scottish football, all conducted with the utmost integrity. For any business looking to put money into our game, associating yourself with Celtic makes good sense. Our accounts are published on time, not hid away on a Friday night and are there for full public scrutiny.

We don’t need any public relations favours or stunts. Transparency is practiced at Celtic Park, not simply used as a buzz word to gain power.

Our charity arm, largely thanks to the help and fundraising of our fantastic support, have donated millions of pounds to good causes, local and world wide. Whenever there’s a natural disaster, the Celtic Foundation are the first to make a pledge. Again, showing the same ethos as our founding fathers, to look after those most in need.

While the Foundation do great work, they are not alone. The Green Brigade also do fantastic work with their foodbank collections. Although given the press they receive, you’d think they were robbing the people they help!

Celtic fans put more money into Scottish football than any other club. By shear numbers, the money we generate for the game and the economy is very often overlooked, particularly with the way many of us are treated, simply because we are football fans.

Amazingly it takes media and authorities from outside of the country we play in to recognise our contribution. The award for the Best Fans In The World is testament to that.

On the park, Celtic are envied for the records we consistently break.

Yesterday, we broke our own 100-year old record of consecutive domestic games without defeat, by winning 4-0 at Perth, a feat that others have tried without success. To go 63 games without loss is an amazing achievement, to do so in three different competitions is even harder.

Of course the knockers and whiners will try to belittle the record, citing the standard of opposition, yet the main detractors couldn’t achieve the same feat while playing against joiners and plumbers.

Instead of moaning and bitching, they be better spending their time trying to emulate Celtic. We are the example to follow, but the parochial nature of our opponents and authorities in this country tells me they don’t have the guts to take on the challenge.

They’d much rather greet about it…


History Makers…..Again!

History Makers…..Again!

It seems since Brendan Rodgers walked through the doors at Celtic Park, all his team does is break records!

In an incredible first season, his Bhoys finished with all three domestic trophies taking residence in the Paradise trophy room, with little sign they’ll be moving anytime soon.

Today, after 62 domestic games his charges travel up to Perth, to take on a misfiring St Johnstone side that will no doubt kick everything that moves in an attempt to halt the Hoops creating a record of their own.

Saints manager Tommy Wright is never shy from accusing officials of bias towards the Champions, usually in an attempt to deflect from a defeat, but his selective memory tends to ignore any decisions that go his way.

Should the Champions avoid defeat at McDairmid Park, therefore beating the clubs own 100 year undefeated record this lunchtime, be prepared for little mention of the outstanding feat as the SMSM either focus on the reaction of the home manager of the ‘interrupted’ minutes silence, the Perth side so hastily arranged.

It appears for Celtic, and our fantastic support, to get the any real recognition we have to look beyond these shores to the continent where prejudices don’t matter.

For the Bhoys and Ghirls who are lucky enough to attend today’s game, savour the occasion, you could be witnessing history in the making….again!

The Bayern Epilogue: Taking The Credit And Sharing The Blame..

The Bayern Epilogue: Taking The Credit And Sharing The Blame..

Personally, I thought Celtic were brilliant against Bayern Munich at a packed Paradise last night. After the media slaughtering we took from the first game in Munich, the Bhoys responded magnificently.

We competed for every ball, created chances and showed a real composure on the ball that will stand us in good stead for our upcoming games in Europe.

As Brendan had already said, he wants Celtic to play OUR way, no matter the opposition.

Sure Bayern had long spells of possession, but you expect that of a side with their pedigree and talent. I’ve said it before, they have the squad good enough to go all the way and win the trophy. Well that’s what they’re hoping anyway…

Celtic on the other hand have a different target, Europe after Christmas.

And on last night’s showing, we should reach our target, because if we play only half was well against Anderlecht, as we did against Bayern, we’ll go into the Europa League quite comfortably.

Although we lost the game 2-1, there were plenty of positives to take from it. The performances of James Forrest, Kieran Tierney, Callum McGregor and of course captain Scott Brown, all Scots incidentally, were outstanding. The pass from Jamesy to Callum for our goal was sublime.

And like any game, the goals we lost could have been avoided.

Dedryck Boyata should have just cleared his lines for the first goal. Having said that, Coman did handle the ball before scoring, yet both the goal lineĀ  assistant and the linesman failed to see it. I often wonder what the extra officials actually do?

The second goal, well it was a great cross and header, so I might be a bit over critical here but stopping the cross is imperative. But you can’t argue with a nice piece of skill.

I was intrigued however by BT Sports aftermatch interview of Jamesy and Callum.

When asked about the game, Jamesy commented that we’d lost ‘two sloppy goals’, but failed to mention the missed chances of Stuart Armstong and Moussa Dembele.

I’m sure if we take those chances it would have been a different game. So, if you’re going to take the credit, you’ve got to share the blame…it’s a team game after all.



Can Celtic Give Bayern A Fright This Halloween?

Can Celtic Give Bayern A Fright This Halloween?

It’s very rare that Celtic play any sort of game at home and we’re the underdogs.

Tonight, we meet German giants Bayern Munich, in game four of this season’s Champions League at what’s sure to be a bouncing Celtic Park.

Our previous encounter in Munich a fortnight ago, left the Bhoys reeling after a comprehensive three nil defeat, with only the SMSM drooling about the result. When you consider the chances the home side had, 3-0 wasn’t that bad a scoreline.

Just to clutch at a couple of straws from the game, Broonie and Stuart Armstrong were just returning from injury, and we had a perfectly good goal by Scott Sinclair disallowed near the end of the game. Consolation or not, it should have stood.

Anyway, that’s in the past.

This evening our task will be no less daunting, and to put things into perspective, Bayern enter the Champions League with a view to winning the trophy, Celtic on the other hand, have a reasonable ambition to play in Europe after Christmas.

Achieving that would be progress for Brendan and the Bhoys.

Whether we can take any points tonight remains to be seen. Both teams have injuries, although the impact on the respective squads tells its own story.

But who knows? Over the years Celtic have hosted numerous ‘big name’ European opponents, including Bayern Munich, and done very well. This Halloween, Celtic might just give the Bavarians a fright….