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Will Celtic Be Afforded The Same Welcome Warbs & Co Received At Linfield?

Will Celtic Be Afforded The Same Welcome Warbs & Co Received At Linfield?

Today’s Champions League draw threw up a potential football time bomb with the prospect of Celtic having to play against Linfield in Belfast on the 12th July, Moussa Dembele’s birthday!

The time and date of the game will be arranged only if the team from the North beat San Marino minnows La Fiorita.

If the game does go ahead on the 11th or 12th of July, what kind of ‘welcome’ will the Scottish Treble winners receive from the home team.

Will it be the same kind of Windsor Park welcome Mark Warburton and his team received when they were ‘treated’ to a flute band giving it their sectarian best, ignoring the fact the visitors had several Catholics in their team?

And will they pose for photographs after the match, again like they did this time last year?¬† And will they meet a side, as good as the one described by one of the Linfield officials as the ‘best Rangers side he’d ever seen’.¬† I’m sure the official in question was called Stevie….

All joking aside. This is probably the worst draw Celtic could have wished for. We don’t want or need to be drawn into a Bigotfest to suit the loyalists who support Linfield.

The Police, maybe even UEFA, if they’ve any sense, will arrange the games so as to provoke as little reaction as possible.

It’ll be a powder keg regardless, so it’s really up to those responsible to diffuse it as soon as they can..

Can The Hoops Make it 43 Games Unbeaten?

Can The Hoops Make it 43 Games Unbeaten?

Celtic will host St Johnstone today at Celtic Park on the back of two of our easiest games of the season.

The Perth side will no doubt give us a harder game than Sevco did last week at Ibrokes or the week before at Hampden.

Tommy Wright will send out his team in their usual manner, by kicking everything in green and white from the get go.

The referee, who ever he is, will more than likely allow them to do so, for at least the first hour.

Celtic, who’ll be without¬† influential captain Scott Brown, will of course win the game, and greeting face Tommy will try take the shine off our victory by moaning about a solitary decision, that may have gone against his team.

He’s got form for this already.

As per usual, the SMSM will jump to his defence and claim Celtic were lucky and seem to get all the big decisons.

In the meantime, Brendan’s Bhoys will march on to 43 domestic games undefeated, with only four more to go to become The Invincibles.

Good luck Bhoys!