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Trying To Defend The Indefensible, Former Ref Condones Robertson!

Trying To Defend The Indefensible, Former Ref Condones Robertson!

I thought I was seeing things when I read the article in The Scotsman today.

Headlined, “Why the referee awarded Ross County a penalty against Celtic”, the author Craig Anderson, a former referee tells us first, it’s a blatant dive, then goes on to almost exonerate Don Robertson by saying he anticipated a tackle from Erik Sviatchenko!

Yip, the referee, not Alex Schalk, the diving player, anticipated the tackle!

He then goes on to tell us about the view of the TV camera was better than the referee, suggesting Robertson might have been ‘tricked’ into seeing something that wasn’t there.  I’m sure the referee was perfectly placed to see the incident. (I am not making this shite up!. There’s a link at the bottom of the article.)

Former ref Anderson, then goes on to say the linesman’s view might have been partially blocked by Erik, and that he would have to be a brave man to over rule the referee. The image provided (above) is from behind the goal, a place the linesman certainly WON’T be.

Summing up, he almost praises Schalk for timing his dive perfectly!

All this from a former referee. And you wonder how this game is perceived as corrupt?

Article here.

Schalk Might Still Get Away With His Dive….

Schalk Might Still Get Away With His Dive….

Everyone who witnessed Ross County’s Alex Schalk’s dive for a penalty in the closing minutes of yesterday’s game against champions Celtic, automatically think the Dutchman will be hammered by the beaks.

But that might not be the case.

Even though his manager Jim McIntyre grudgingly admitted the player cheated, the SFA compliance officer Tony McLennan will be the one who’ll decide if Schalk gets punished.

The same Tony McLennan, who despite TV evidence, claimed Sevco’s Rob Kiernan did NOT punch St Johnstone’s Steven Anderson in the stomach, during the new club’s 1-1 draw at McDairmid Park in December last year.

Or see Morton’s Oyenuga collapse alleging a headbutt from Hibs’ Darren McGregor last month.

Both these incidences were clear as day, but the compliance officer ruled otherwise.

Such is our faith in the authorities running, or should I say ruining, the Scottish game, don’t be surprised to see Alex Schalk available for Ross County’s next game…

Today Our Biggest Danger Reared It’s Ugly Head In the Form of Don Robertson!

Today Our Biggest Danger Reared It’s Ugly Head In the Form of Don Robertson!

Celtic on the park have no peers in Scottish Football. Brendan Rodgers’ unbeaten side could quite easily go through the season as Invincibles, winning all three domestic trophies we’ve entered.

As much as Aberdeen and Sevco will try their very best to compete, they are NOT our biggest danger for winning the clean sweep.

The officials, who work for the Scottish Football Association are.

And EVERY Celtic fans knows it.

We’ve experienced it so often, almost to a man, women and child, when asked who we fear the most, the referees and assistants is the answer.

And today, Don Robertson showed exactly how we get to that conclusion.

His decision to award a penalty to Ross County, when substitute Shalk dived with Erik Sviatchenko at least a yard away from him, was nothing but cheating, plain and simple. And to make matters worse his assistant, who ran down the tunnel at the end of the match, was just as culpable.

When awarding a penalty we are told the man in the middle must be 100% certain.

If Robertson was 100% certain today, then he needs to take a lie detector, instead of an eye test.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone

This Easter weekend falls on the 28th anniversary of the tragic Hillsborough disaster when 96 Liverpool fans, men women and children, failed to return home from their clubs FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest.

Dealing with the loss of life was bad enough, but the media,  The Sun and it’s editor Kelvin Mackenzie in particular, made the ordeal 100 times worse with the lies they printed about the conduct of the fans that day.

Knowing they were the victims of a great injustice, and a political cover-up a group of supporters, many if not all, who had lost loved ones that day in Sheffield, embarked on a campaign for justice.

It took these courageous people 27 years, and two inquests to finally get the verdict they all knew to be correct. Their spirit and belief unmatched.

The people of Liverpool backed the ‘Justice for the 96’ campaigners tooth and nail, but so too did other football fans and clubs, recognising this tragedy could have happened to any of us.

As it was, Celtic offered Liverpool Football Club a hand of friendship as they set about rebuilding their lives, an offer accepted by the Merseyside club, when manager and former Celtic great Kenny Dalglish, brought his Liverpool side up to Glasgow to play at Celtic Park at the end of April 1989.

The result was inconsequential, what was important was letting Liverpool Football Club and their fans know, they would ‘Never Walk Alone.’


Young Hoops Batter Sevco Youths

Young Hoops Batter Sevco Youths

Celtic hosted Sevco in the Development League behind closed doors at Cappielow, home of Morton this morning.

The visitors, with bad boy Michael O’Halloran included, were on an unbeaten run of six games going into the fixture, although that was all but over before half-time!

With the game was only seven minutes old, attacking midfielder Regan Hendry put the young Hoops ahead with a volley from a poor clearance by the defence. Celtic 1 Sevco 0.

And the Bhoys didn’t take long to double their lead, when wide man Calvin Millers cross was deflected by the Sevco goalkeeper by defender Bradley. Celtic 2 Sevco 0.

The young Hoops were absolutely dominant and extended their lead further on the half hour mark when Regan Hendry scored his second of the game. Celtic 3 Sevco 0.

As Celtic pressed for a fourth, the best the visitors could hope for was the half-time whistle to save them from any further embarrassment. Fortunately for Sevco, the referee blew for the interval before any more damage was done.

However, the respite was only temporary, as Celtic flew out of the traps at the start of the second half, winning a penalty only three minutes after the restart, when  Sevco goalkeeper McCrorie pulled back winger Calvin Miller to concede.

Up stepped Regan Hendry to convert the spot kick, and give the young Bhoy a hat-trick and the match ball. Celtic 4 Sevco 0.

As the crowd, well on Twitter, were baying for the Hoops to go for seven, the game kind of petered out without any more goals or incidents really, the young Sevco team taking their medicine.

A great start to the weekend for the club, always nice to let everyone know the pecking order in this city…

*Report loosely based on tweets from the Celtic View.

Week of Celebration Starts With Premiership Trophy Presentation!

Week of Celebration Starts With Premiership Trophy Presentation!

The SPFL have just announced the last round of fixtures for the last five games after the split.

The Bhoys visit the Bigotdome first on Saturday 29th of April with a 12:00 PM kick off, followed by a visit of the Perth hammer throwers St Johnstone to Celtic Park on Saturday May 6 at 15:00 PM.

We’re then sent on our way to Aberdeen the following Friday 12th May, obviously to suit the TV companies, kick-off 19:45, before we head across the city to play our Glasgow rivals Partick Thistle on Thursday May 18th again a 19:45 kick off.

Our finale is a home game on Sunday 21st May at 12:30 with a game against the Diets*. We will be presented with the SPFL Premiership trophy for the sixth season in a row, prior to kick off.

The trophy presentation will start what will be a memorable week of Celtic celebrations, with the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions being commemorated by the club and fans right through until the Legends match on May 28th.

It’s a fantastic time to be a Celtic fan, ad this week in May will be a real tribute to everything that’s great about our club.

*Why do we keep inviting the Diets to our league winning and trophy presentations? I’m not sure they appreciate it…

SFA Glaring Incompetence Over King’s Approval…

SFA Glaring Incompetence Over King’s Approval…

The SFA have this unique ability to get the simplest of things wrong, particularly when the world is watching them.

It must be their years of practice that makes them so proficient at it.

Their most recent and obvious ‘faux pas’ comes with their approval of Sevco chancer Dave King, as being a ‘fit and proper’ person to run a football club.

His acceptance was even more bizarre, when you consider his involvement as a director of the liquidated Rangers, a position that should have excluded him from holding office at a Scottish Football club for five years. The same should have applied to his crony Paul Murray.

Denying his application would have meant the SFA applying the rules. Unfortunately, history tells us the people in suits that roam the sixth floor of Hampden have a propensity for bowing to any club that plays out of Ibrox.

There was a time when they would have got away with it, but in this information age, fans and clubs are more demanding in knowing what’s going on.

We too can check the rules, to see if they are being applied correctly.

When Stewart Regan was appointed President of the SFA, succeeding the corrupt Campbell Ogilvie, he told the public there would be a more transparent body at Hampden.

That was just a lie.

In fact, I’m sure when Dave King swept to power at Ibrox, he told the Gullibears the exact same thing.

That too was a lie.

Just shows how much in common Regan and King have…

D-Day For Lying King, Will Dodgy Dave Say Goodbye To Sevco?

D-Day For Lying King, Will Dodgy Dave Say Goodbye To Sevco?

Today April 12th, is the day Sevco’s Messiah Dave KIng has to make a formal offer of 20p per share to buy out the rest of the club’s shareholders.

The ruling of the Takeover Panel, deemed King and his cronies acted more as a concert party than individuals, is estimated to cost the man described by a South African judge as a ‘glib and shameless liar’ in the region of £12m.

As expected, after the ruling King dismissed the findings and told the waiting press pack that he disagrees and will appeal. Though there is no mechanism for him to do so. (another lie)

It’s been a bad time for King recently, his business interests in South Africa are under greater scrutiny, and only last week his nemesis Mike Ashley was allowed by a High Court judge to continue his case against King & Co for terminating their merchandise agreement.

And to make matters worse, if what Phil MacGiollabhain says about the SFA blocking the new club’s entry into Europe should they finish high enough in the league is true, then the Gullibears will have to dig deep to keep the financial basket case alive.

If they believe his latest PR stunt that money if available to back their new manager Pedro, whilst the need soft loans to keep the lights on, then hell mend them.

Because when he goes, which could be any time, Mark Warburton, his fellow directors, the players AND the fans will all get the blame. Like a true glib and shameless liar that he is…

Celtic No Sale Transfer Policy A Disaster For Laptop Loyal!

Celtic No Sale Transfer Policy A Disaster For Laptop Loyal!

The news that Brendan Rodgers doesn’t need to, and doesn’t want sell any of his league winners is a fantastic boost to the Celtic support.

Coming hard on the heels of the manager committing his own future to the club for another four years, the ‘no sale policy‘ will help Brendan build the legacy he so often talks about.

Conversely, the blue tinted hacks in the SMSM will be spitting nails, knowing despite their best attempts throughout the season, to sell Moussa Dembele, Craig Gordon, Tom Rogic and Stuart Armstrong, to name just four, they have failed miserably.

Their various attempts to destabalise the club have been met with a unity that was badly missing the season before.

There are no dressing room splits, no disharmony or prima donnas who think they know better than the manager. Those guys have either left the club or are no where near the first team. And the fans won’t buy into any stories that suggest anything other than a manager and players all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Celtic are committed to continuity, building something special, and no amount of speculation from a media so far out of the picture now, they can only guess what the club is going to do next.

It’s been a long time coming, but they are no longer relevant to us.

That will allow them to concentrate on trying to sell two game wonders for imaginary £6m transfer fees…


Sevco Go Into Last Game Needing To Win…

Sevco Go Into Last Game Needing To Win…

At the start of the season, many pundits allowed their club allegiances to rule, and common sense was overlooked as they tipped Sevco to win the SPFL Premiership, even though it was the new club’s first appearance in the division.

Their logic was loosely based on the summer signings of Joey Barton and Nico Krankjar, and a large dose of #GoingFor55 marketing crap, which they happily promoted.

These ‘tipsters’ almost to a man, dismissed the fact that Celtic were reigning champions, and had strengthened in the managerial department by bringing in Brendan Rodgers, who in turn recruited top players like Moussa Dembele, Kolo Toure and Scott Sinclair for the start of the league campaign.

It was if every other team were going ‘roll over‘ and believe the ‘Rangers are back’ nonsense, because that’s what THEY wanted.

Nine months on and two managers later, the guy who once had a ‘magic hat’ has now departed, to be replaced with Pedro the puppet, the harsh reality facing the Gullibears and their cheerleaders is this, fail to win on Saturday against Partick Thistle in the last game before the SPFL split, and you’ll be closer to the BOTTOM of the league than the TOP.

Lying third in the table, they are currently 35 points behind the undefeated six in a row Champions Celtic, and only 30 points better off than bottom of the table Inverness Caley Thistle.

The notion that they were going to challenge the Hoops for the title was always pure fantasy, but according to the hacks, it sells papers.

Of course, finishing in the top three will be classed as a good season by the same pundits who told us they would win the league, such is their propensity to lie about the Ibrox club. Only a few weeks ago a draw was as good as a win…

And they (the hacks) do have season tickets so sell after all…