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Pedro Primes The Gullibears For A Fleecing…

Pedro Primes The Gullibears For A Fleecing…

You’ve got to hand it to the new Sevco manager, Pedro, after watching his new charges only four times on tape and once in the flesh, he’s already come to the conclusion he has the best squad in Scottish Football.

Ignoring the fact his team lost two, won two and drew one of the five games, and the gap between them and the real best squad in Scotland is 33 points, Pedro looks to have all the qualities of a do as you’re told Sevconian. (ignoring facts are an essential quality for a Sevconian)

His inauguration speech was something Donald Trump would have been proud of. If only he said, ‘let’s make Rangers great again!’.

He did though touch on the subject of the Holy Grail, though he won’t be allowed to say Holy at Ibrox, a European trophy. Their obsession to emulate Celtic as European champions has killed one club out of Govan already, don’t tell me the new club are going down the same road…

Kidding aside, we all know that puppet Pedro was reading a carefully prepared script from Jabba. His prints are all over the feel good nonsense, designed specifically to take advantage of the Gullibears while they are still in their stupor after drawing with the soon to be six-in-a-row champions.

Pedro, under the orders of Traynor, is priming the Gullibears to get aye ready to part with their cash for season books. His best team, European trophy crap will be swallowed hook, line and sinker by the thickest supporters in world football.

It’s what they want to hear, so hell mend them when it all falls apart and King & Co are onto their next mug.



Bobby Madden, Sevco’s Man of the Match!

Bobby Madden, Sevco’s Man of the Match!

Before I go on, Celtic were poor by our normal standards in yesterday’s Derby match. Having said that, a 30% Hoops team against a 100% Sevco, playing at their level best, were minutes away from winning the game, no thanks to the man in the middle.

I know big Jock said something about if you’re better than the opposition then the referee doesn’t matter, but to be honest I don’t buy into that. And yesterday’s performance by Bobby Madden goes a long way to prove my point.

With only minutes on the clock, Kenny Miller sprinted into a two footed lunge that if it had connected, would have put an end to Stuart Armstrong’s career. Luckily the Celtic player saw it coming and got out of the way.

As you can see from the pic about, Millers off the ground and totally out of control. In any other game it’s straight red card, but just like last week with Garner, normal rules don’t apply.

To put Sevco down to ten men so early in the game would have made the job even more difficult for Madden’s favourite team, and he knew that. However, yesterday he was employed by the SFA to referee a football match, not support his team.

He chose the former.

From that moment on, the Celtic support prepared ourselves for the worst, and Brother Bobby duly obliged. His sporadic booking of Sevco players only came after multiple offences had taken place. And even then he failed to apply the rules by issuing a second yellow card in particular to Jason Holt and Clint Hill.

Holt’s two footed, over the ball assault of Paddy Roberts merited a red card in itself, never mind a yellow, but Madden ignored it, allowed Holt to play on then book Mikel Lustig for protesting.

Despite all this Celtic were leading 1-0 until the 87th minute when slack defending allowed the aging Hill to grab an equaliser. At this point I wasn’t sure if Madden was going to celebrate along with the players, it certainly wouldn’t have come as a surprise!

Not content with a draw Celtic surged forward looking for a winner. A long punt by Craig Gordon was chased down by substitute Leigh Griffiths, who was scythed waist high by Hill, for what was a stonewall penalty.

In his last act of defiance, brother Bobby waived play on. By this time he couldn’t care less about any professionalism, he was acting as a supporter and he was determined Sevco were getting at least a point.

Brendan Has A Bullshit Detector And The SMSM Hate It…

Brendan Has A Bullshit Detector And The SMSM Hate It…

From the minute Brendan Rodgers walked through the glass doors at Celtic Park last June, he knew he’d be faced with a sycophantic media hell bent on undermining not only him, but Celtic as a whole.

Brendan was well aware of the lies and myths the SMSM published and broadcast about his predecessor Ronny Deila, and wasn’t going to be as easily fooled.

You see, Ronny, a Norwegian with English as his second language, and a naive honesty about him, was always going to be fair game for the Laptop Loyal who despise everything about our club. Through time, they even managed to convince the few normally impartial hacks and an element of our support to turn on the manager.

And the rest is history as they say.

However, when the meticulously prepared Brendan was met with his first sign of SMSM devilment, he swatted away the problem like you would a fly with a newspaper, then left a mark on the offending ‘journalist’ that put him and his shit stirring colleagues in their place.

That was as early as August. Since then, the Bhoys under Rodgers command have gone on a domestic unbeaten run that’s breaking records left, right and centre. And the SMSM hate it.

So now they they’re coming back with more.

This last week or so they’ve really ramped up the anti-Brendan rhetoric, first accusing him of lying in his assessment of St Mirren being the best domestic team to face us at Celtic Park, and then accusing him of having a dig at Sevco. Which, like the rest of the nonsense the write is bullshit.

Brendan is his own man, a Celtic supporter who is never slow to let the world know what he is. He’s the best thing to happen to our game in a long time. His remit is to continue our domestic domination and begin the process of establishing Celtic as a fixture in European football again. And no one will stop him.

He really has them worried.

Sleep Tight Big Shot.

Sleep Tight Big Shot.

The Lisbon Lion known as ‘the big shot’, Tommy Gemmell was finally laid to rest at Daldowie Crematorium in Lanarkshire this lunchtime.

Tributes from all over the world of football have been pouring in since 73 year-old Tommy passed away last week following a long term illness.

Tommy will always be remembered as the man who scored two goals in two separate European Cup Finals, a feat as a full back he shares with only other player. He pulled on the famous green and white no fewer than 418 times, scoring an amazing 63 goals, 31 times from the penalty spot.

His big personality along with his ‘big shot’ reputation meant that Tommy was always going to be a large than life kind of guy. Today, his family , friends, former team mates and fans who supported him, all paid tribute to one of Celtic’s greatest ever players.

Here’s what Tommy thought of Celtic, the fans and playing for the club…

  • “What will remain consistent, though, is the Celtic support and with those guys behind you anything is possible.”
  • “I really missed being a Celtic player. That meant more than money.”
  • “I can look back to Lisbon in ’67 and remember everything like it was yesterday.”
  • “The Celtic supporters were out of this world. I’ve still to find supporters to better them.”


We’ll all miss Tommy Gemmell. May he rest in peace.

Welcome To Glasgow, Our Celtic Brother…

Welcome To Glasgow, Our Celtic Brother…

The SMSM have commented recently on the strained relationship between Celtic and Sevco, the worst its been for at least five years, although they’d have you believe it’s longer.

So in an effort to ease those tensions, the Faithful would like to extend the hand of friendship to the incoming Sevco manager, our Celtic brother Pedro Caixinha.

Pedro, who knows all about Celtic, is due to arrive in Glasgow from Doha at some point today after a delay in his travel paperwork, although nothing, except for laughs, is certain when it comes to Sevco!

And it’s still not clear if he’ll be presented to the media when he arrives or if to make him feel at home, they’ll wait until next Friday, March 17th….

Should Pedro 2*, attend Sunday’s derby match at Celtic Park, I’m sure the Celtic support will go out of our way to ease the pain of his decision by welcoming him with a rendition of ‘Pedro Caixinha’s Fenian Army’, a song he might already be familiar with…

Meanwhile the Gullibears will be getting ‘durty with Graeme Murty’.  God help the toilets….

*Pedro 1 is of course Peter Lawwell.


Moussa Man of The Month…Again!

Moussa Man of The Month…Again!

Celtic scoring sensation Moussa Dembele has won February’s  Ladbrokes Premiership Player of the Month for a second time, in recognition of his seven goals in three league games.

The young Frenchman is having a fantastic debut season having hit the net no few than 32 times in 42 outings.

Included in that haul are five against Sunday’s derby opponents, three in the 5-1 win at Celtic Park, the only goal, an amazing double nutmeg flick, in the Hoops 1-0 League Cup Semi-Final at Hampden and a smashing drive into the roof of the net to equalise in the 2-1 win at Ibrox on Hogmany.

I’m sure Moussa will be hoping to add to this tally come Sunday afternoon.

Spend, Spend, Spend Says Super Sally!

Spend, Spend, Spend Says Super Sally!

There’s a saying, ‘you shouldn’t mock the afflicted’ and to be honest that’s quite commendable, unless it’s the Gullibears (the afflicted in this case).

You see, there once was a team called Rangers, who from 1873-2012 played football out of a place called Ibrox over in Glasgow’s South Side. In Govan to be precise.

Now this Rangers club thought they were better than everyone else, and didn’t need to play by the same rules as every other club that played in the same league as they did.  It was a sense of entitlement if you like.

But through time another club from Glasgow’s East End, Celtic, came on the scene and took over the Rangers clubs’ mantle of top team. In fact they went further than that, they not only became the top dog in Scotland, but Europe too, winning the European Cup in 1967. Exactly 50 years ago.

This wonderful feat caused the Rangers club, now under the ownership of a Knight of the Realm (SDM) desperately wanted to be top dog again and decided the rules weren’t for them. Cheating was the only way to go.

From 1998 until their demise in 2012, the Rangers club used underhand and deceitful tactics to try and topple the magical Celtic, including playing players illegally registered and non-payment of social taxes.

Their mantra of throwing money at the problem would eventually lead to their extinction.  Decades of overspending with money they didn’t have, simply to meet the demand of an ever more bitterly entitled support proved too much.

A new club emerged to play out of Ibrox, The Rangers (Sevco), and instead of learning from the mistakes of their predecessors, they too threw money at their team.

Their first manager, Ally McCoist, while bossing them in Scottish Football’s Division Three, was on a salary of over £15,000 a week, and was allowed to pay players unto £10,000 to play against part-timers.

Soon, the new club would be heading the same way as the old. Overspending and bad financial management has resulted in the club needing soft loans from directors to survive, and they’re only FIVE years old!

With the managerless club lurching from one disaster to another, the legend McCoist, who took circa £3-4M including shares out of the place, took the opportunity yesterday to give some sound financial advice to the current directors.

Spend, spend, spend was the message from the ‘Real Rangers Man’ who’s personal bank account will be a lot healthier than the team he claims to support.

And the the Gullibears will lap it all up……idiots.

Sevco Latest: DOF (Director of Fun) No Longer Needed!

Sevco Latest: DOF (Director of Fun) No Longer Needed!

So it was all a sham. In an effort to buy themselves time, the Sevco board came up with this story they were going to appoint a Director of Football with a manager reporting to him.

At the same time forgetting the cash-strapped club would be replacing one unaffordable wage, with two!

From the minute they realised they couldn’t meet the wages of the Ibrox Three, (Warburton, Weir and McFarlane), operation buy some time came into force, courtesy of the PR gurus at Level 5. This started with the demonising of the three former employees, by putting out false stories regarding their resignation status.

A blind man could see what was happening.

At this point, Stewart Robertson, redient gaffer in the absence of the Lying King, decided to feed the Berz with an ‘all new footballing strategy’ of employing a DOF. Knowing such an appointment was never likely to materialise, the SMSM, as obedient as ever, began singing the virtues of the structure, forgetting the old club used it before when Gordon ‘I’m brilliant’ Smith was there.

And today, almost according to a script, the Sevco board announce the DOF will be ‘a long-term strategy’.

To sum up the situation at the basket case that calls itself Rangers, a circus only needs one Ringmaster, but many clowns. The Ringmaster is in South Africa calling all the shots, while the clowns in the Ibrox Big Top make complete fools of themselves.

Well at least some of us are getting a laugh out of it….

Is Glasgow Really Big Enough For Another Pedro?

Is Glasgow Really Big Enough For Another Pedro?

The news that Sevco have finally made contact with fifth-placed Qatari club Al Garafa about the availability of their Portuguese manager Pedro Caixinha, is a clear indication that the noisy neighbours have ambitions above their station.

With a reputed salary of around £2m tax-free, it’s obvious a stringent medical would be needed, with particular attention being paid to the guys head, as he must be off his nut to go anywhere Soft Loans FC. Particularly with his pedigree, if the SMSM are to be believed…

This under the radar move, well it must be if none of the real big clubs in Europe are interested, will no doubt come to nothing and the Sevco board will resort to type with a ‘Real Rangers Man’ appointed just in time to fleece the Gullibears of more season ticket cash. Let’s be honest here, news of Caixinha joining Scottish Football’s newest club will hardly fill the Lodges for the forthcoming  Sash Bash season, considering the man will most probably be a Catholic!

The sad truth of the matter is Pedro Caixinha is being used as a tool by King & Co to make the Sevconians think they’re attracting a manager of real quality. With the ever compliant media onside, the new Mourinho will be tagged as being too greedy when the deal falls through.

In the meantime, the REAL PEDRO, Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, will continue to run the game specifically to suit our club. His influence over the game, the GCC and most likely the Vatican, will leave the deluded from down Ibrox way foaming at the mouth, a constant state they suffer from I believe.

In reality, is Glasgow big enough for two Pedros? I think not.



Craigie Bhoy Signs On The Dotted Line..

Craigie Bhoy Signs On The Dotted Line..

It was just a matter of time, Celtic have announced sweeper/keeper Craig Gordon will remain at Celtic Park at least until 2020.

The big stopper was the subject of intense speculation during the January transfer window, with various sections of the media trying their best to unsettle the player by linking him with a move to Premiership side Chelsea.

Despite the attraction of the ‘big Smoke’ Gordon kept his head down and his hands up, as manager Brendan Rodgers indicated he wanted him to stay at Paradise.

Enjoying one of his best seasons between the posts, there’s no doubt the gaffer has had a big influence on Craig’s decision to stay, along with a nice pay rise, but let’s not forget the role he played in one of the Foundation’s campaigns can’t be discounted.

He was a central part the Celtic Foundation’s homeless campaign, gaining many plaudits for his enthusiasm and commitment to the cause.

And to be honest, playing for Celtic and working at Celtic Park isn’t such a bad way to spend your career…