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“This Celtic football club is much more than a football club to a lot of people its a way of life.”

Robert Kelly (ex-Celtic Chairman)

Teflon Dave And His SMSM Neuralyser..

If you've watched any of the Men in Black films you'll be familiar with a wee device Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith use called a 'Neuralyser', a small pen like device they use to wipe the memory of anyone who came in contact with them. This erases anything that can be...

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Time To Cut The Bhoys Some Slack…

This slump of 36 domestic games unbeaten is really beginning to take it's toll, not only on the players but on the fans too. As the SMSM keep telling us, the Bhoys are looking tired and jaded, and to be fair they've not been firing on all cylinders recently,...

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Has Brendan Received His Phone Calls Yet?

It's six weeks since Celtic were awarded a 'phantom' penalty at McDairmid Park in our 5-2 win when the ball was judged to have hit the hand of a Saints defender. Referee Craig Thomson saw something no one else in the ground saw and pointed to the spot. The score at...

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Why Doesn’t Brendan Just Play The Kids?

That ludicrous statement was part of an article by Gordon Parks in yesterday's Sunday Mail, an article that could quite easily have had the headline 'it's no fair!'! Parks starts off his piece with a derogatory jibe at Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers by alluding to his...

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“What these players have to realise, is that when you put on the Celtic jersey you’re not playing for a football team, you’re playing for a community and a cause.”

Tommy Burns (The Bhoy Who Got Lucky!)