Cead Mile Failte To Celtic Fans Everywhere!


Contracts And Sevco, A Match Made In Heaven…

Mike Ashley

Or Hell, If You’re Dave King! What is it about Sevco and contracts? They just can’t make up their mind what is a good contract and what is a bad contract. It appears that paying a piss poor manager £800,000 because he had something to do with the old entity is a good contract (his […]

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Corrupt To The Core! News from Zurich, Switzerland this morning that several FIFA officials have been arrested shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone with an interest in football. While the charges include wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering and are centred on the last two decades, the game not only on the international […]

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Four Days of Glory For Celtic Fans…

SPFL Trophy On Celtic Way

Happy Days For Us Hoops! Being a Celtic fan is a privilege, you could almost say we are blessed, so this long weekend we get to celebrate as a family the fact that we are a club like no other.* To get things started, the Under 20’s ‘skelped’ their Sevco counterparts 5-2 at Hampden to […]

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Will The SMSM Back Dave King’s No Pay Policy?

RIP Rangers

If They’re Told To They Will… The laptop loyal, succulent lamb munchers, hack pack, they’re all the same anyway, have a dilemma. Do they publicly back the new Sevco chairman Dave King with his ‘no pay’ policy or do they stick to the tried and tested, as they have done with the sleekit one, and […]

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Secrecy Is The New Transparency For The SFA…


T Word Just A Joke! I would like to challenge any of our so called sports journalists, you know the one’s who claim to be first for any exclusives, or have ‘sources’ they cannot reveal, to find out if any other football authority in the world have entered into secret agreements to the benefit of […]

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