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“This Celtic football club is much more than a football club to a lot of people its a way of life.”

Robert Kelly (ex-Celtic Chairman)

The Cup Worthy of A Gold Star!

When you win the European Cup or the Champions League as it's now called, you earn the right to put a gold star on your team kit, in recognition of winning the Europe's Premier tournament. 50 years ago today, in the Portuguese city of Lisbon, underdogs Celtic,...

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42 Attempts On Goal…

When we talk about the club, and Scottish football's greatest ever achievement, Celtic winning the European Cup in Lisbon, 50 years ago tomorrow, we generally look at the record of becoming the first British team to win the cup. Of course we were the first non-Latin...

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Rats Deserting The Sinking HMS Sevco….

It's holed midships and the water (not holy) is pouring in, as the good ship Sevco lists badly. The lifeboats and orange life jackets, (what other colour would they be?) are all in place, aye ready for anyone who wants to save their own skin. As the water rises, first...

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“What these players have to realise, is that when you put on the Celtic jersey you’re not playing for a football team,

you’re playing for a community and a cause.”

Tommy Burns (The Bhoy Who Got Lucky!)